Knowing how to grasp the wind of change, interpreting even the smallest detail capable of making a difference, is an attitude that Stambecco has refined over time and which today makes it a cutting-edge company. 

From the conception together with the customer, to the style, to the samples and to the complete production of the garments.

More than 50 years of experience in the design of high-end knitwear, combined with the important knowledge of yarns and processing techniques, allow Stambecco to dare, to always go further, to experiment and innovate, always remaining faithful to itself , with the certainty of always offering high quality and trendy collections.

Designer knitwear, made in Italy

Skin knows it, wearing a quality garment is an absolute experience, and Lorena Benatti has always pursued the philosophy of excellence by selecting raw materials with great attention to every detail: fineness, origin and length of the fibers.


Style office: where the precious details of femininity are born

In Lorena Benatti's style office, creativity, new languages ​​and attention to the latest trends create unique symbioses.